13 August 2012

twenty questions: 3 year old ruby..

well, this is about two 1/2 months later than i planned, but it's done! i've wanted to ask ruby these twenty questions that i found on pinterest, and finally got 'er done tonight during a little balcony sitting. 

we were killing time while this was in the oven. confession: i used mango salsa and we weren't in love with how things turned out because of that. daniel kept saying, "there's just something about it that makes me want to gag with every bite." awesome. but i'm 100% confident that we would love this recipe using a not sweet salsa. another confession: i have turned into stalky stalkerson when it comes to jami nato's blog (that's where the recipe is from, so this second confession isn't as random as it may seem). like i'm honestly kind of at scary status when it comes to reading it and laughing and/or crying at every single post.

example: i started to pee my pants (well, dress actually) the other night from laughing at this post so hard. d was just sitting across the room starring at me while i laughed/cried/peed my way to the bathroom. when it was all over he asked, "is this a pregnancy thing?" i just said yes because there really wasn't any other way to explain what had just gone down. if that isn't a plug for the hilarity that her posts can bring then i'm not sure what is. ok.. moving on.

i found her while i was looking over who the speakers are going to be at the upcoming influence conference, and i haven't been able to stop. it's kind of like crack. crack in blog form. she's funny, honest, open, and points to Christ at every turn.. for reasons beyond her blog, i feel like i've had a renewed appreciation for the "blogging community" (that sounds kind of like a neighborhood full of bloggers only- wouldn't that be an interesting place) lately. i think "mommy blogs" can often get a bad wrap, but i've seen so many points of connection and encouragement lately through what bloggers are putting out there that i can't help but acknowledge that there is power here. power to build and to destroy, if i'm honest, and that thought has brought me to mull over what i'm putting out there in my little corner of the interweb.. more on that to come.

but for now.. this little tootsie roll in all of her random, three-year-old glory.

answers to a few question this little diddy might have brought up for you:
she has never before said that "orange" is her favorite color or that "oranges" are her favorite fruit. she literally never eats oranges and only loves pink and purple on the regular.
never saw "mexican" coming as her favorite thing to eat for lunch. who even knows if she knows what "mexican" food consists of. 
no, i have no clue what game "popping the alligators down" is.
her rendition of the "princess song" was made up on the spot. that high-pitched singing voice is how she always sounds when creating lyrics.
i'm not at all surprised by how much she referenced the general idea of "princesses". little lady can't get enough.
she loves cereal, so i was surprised that she couldn't think of a favorite kind. just the other day she informed me at target that cocoa puffs is "cereal made from birds". one of her and daddy's favorite things to do is share sugary cereals that i would never let past her lips on mornings that i don't get up and make them breakfast.
i too appreciate how matter-of-factly she said that "just holla" is her favorite holiday. gotta appreciate that kind of confidence.
no, i don't feed her mac n cheese for breakfast.
i also never thought "get your hand out of your underwear" would need to be uttered during this taping.
i have no idea how i'm going to find "christmas cookies" at the end of may next year. hopefully she'll forget about this random request. pretty sure she will since it was most likely senseless jabbering.
yes, i will fully support her if she actually does want to become a "great princess painter" someday. i'm sure there's a market for that somewhere.

oh three-year-old ruby girl.. you crack me up. you are both a joy and a challenge to us dailly, and we honestly are so thankful for that. i can't wait to see you as a big sister, and to see what madness your four-year-old self comes up with for these same questions next year. love, mama.

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