07 June 2011

liking lately..

in the midst of some heavy-ish things going on in our life right now (more on that in a future post, i'm sure), i've been trying to let myself think on lighter things this evening. it seemed like a wishlist/things that i've been liking lately was a good place to go.. so, here they are for you to see.

tina fey. i just think she seems so down to earth and hilarious, and i'm really interested in reading her book. maybe it will be at the library? here's hoping.

the color coral. it's so pretty and summery, and i find myself gravitating lately towards clothing, nail polish, and pretty much anything else coral-colored.

rachael ray's everyday magazine. i've thought about subscribing, but wanted to do a trial run before i did. i bought the latest issue and loved it immediately. tons of good, affordable, and seemingly simple recipes. three good ways to win me over. looking forward to making a fun french toast recipe from it for my hub and rubes in the morning.

these blogs. i've somewhat newly discovered them, and i've found a lot of genuine and encouraging stuff there.  i will admit that sometimes blog following can turn into a big down-on-myself comparison party if i let it, but i feel like these two ladies do a good job of letting the real and dirty in their lives show while also being honest and challenging out of what they're learning and growing in. i'm thankful for the ways that this abstract and often uninspiring interweb can sometimes bring just the amount of goodness that i need.

unsweet tea and dunkin' donuts iced coffee. ugh, they've become addictions. i'm going to have to buy some decaf coffee and more tea bags because these drive-thru stops are going to start breaking the bank.

this scarf and these earrings. i've pretty sure i'm going to try to fit them into what i'm wearing everyday for the next two months, knowing me. i'm kind of an "i like it and i'm addicted" kind of person when i get something new. probably because it doesn't happen that often. :)

and lastly, this little girl. she probably tests me and drives me crazy as much as she delights me, and that's honestly what i love so much about her. being her mama stretches me in ways that i never thought possible, and i know i need it. i also love that she's suddenly started giving me unrequested hugs, kisses, and "i love you, mommy"s.. seriously, it does not get much better than that.


ashley casebeer said...

hey sweet girl! as always, i love seeing your posts and pictures of your ruby girl. i'm a serious blog reader too (of mostly mama blogs and i'm not even a mama) and i can totally relate to the comparison party...i read this on a blog just today that i thought resonated with your post so i thought i'd share...

"you need to free yourself from any unrealistic expectations and realize that we’re born to be exactly the kind of mother our child needs. We are given everything we need to nourish, love, and care for our child. We have been given the grace we need to handle the late night crying, temper tantrums in Target, and backtalk. I read a quote by Steven Furtick the other day that hit home, “One reason we struggle with insecurity: we’re comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.” We have to remember that when we start to compare ourselves to other moms online or on television, we’re seeing their highlight reel."

you're great! thanks for talking to us!

Mandy said...

I love your fun random post! Kathryn has the Tina Fey book, so maybe she will let you borrow it :)

brittney said...

you HAVE to read bossypants! it's so funny - i was laughing out loud pretty much through the whole book! it made me like tina fey even more.

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