27 February 2010


it worked!

so now i'm trying a picture. just take a look at this crazyily growing girl. she did a little trick and stepped up on this box to get to things she can't normally reach on the side table. i think she's a genuis. :)

a test..

i'm trying something out.. it's a feature where you can write an email and it directly uploads to your blog page. let's see if this works. :)

24 February 2010

so you know..

i friggin' love this blog.. and the little girl and daddy it's about. i love following their life and knowing their story. it's worth reading. so i hope you do.

happy hump day.

p.s. we bought a car today. more on that to come.

18 February 2010

a fun and frugal find..

i came across these roles of decorative packing tape at michael's the other day and had to share because i think they're just so neat. the tape is actually clear; although it looks white in the picture because there is a white paper backing on the first little section of each role. i've sent one package sealed with this so far, and for one cool buck a role you can't beat the little extra something it adds to whatever you put it on. SO, please offer any ideas you have for these little beauties and go to your local michael's and pick up a role or two. :)

13 February 2010


i'm really thankful that i like valentine's day. i mean, i do think it's kind of funny that there's a day designated to love and that i've seen tons of people out buying cards and flowers at the last minute because they "should".. but the less cynical side of me is trying to think that they want to. i sent valetine's day cards this year.. and while doing so, it made me realize how much better i want to be at spontaneously sending love people's way. so i'm going to work on that. enjoy tomorrow.. and don't let your cynical side take over. show someone, anyone, love.. the best way you know how.

03 February 2010


my friend mikel emailed me about a new website she came across and really loved. it's called girltalk, and although i have to admit that my cynical side thought the name was kinda cheesy i'm really excited about what i hope will come out of it for me. they have clubs that you can join, and today i signed up for the 5 o'clock club. by signing up, i've committed to waking early (you can choose your own early morning time) to spend quality, alone time with God. now, some people may think like i have pretty much my whole life whenever there was talk of spending early morning time with the Lord. "i'm not a morning person.. i'd rather have that time in the afternoon or before bed.. who says my time with God will be best spent in the morning".. so on and so forth. these are all things i've thought before, and although i don't think that having time with God in the morning is in any way a must, i made a bit of a [personal] realization while looking over the 5 o'clock club challenge. it's so hard for me to think about waking up any earlier than i already have to everyday.. and because of that i find myself going into something like this already assuming that i'll fail. so it makes me not want to do it. which, in my opinion, makes it even more of a sacrifice and challenge. because, slowly but surely over the past year or so, i've come to realize that i am not very disciplined. if i want to eat or drink something even though i've made a pact with myself not to, i usually do it. if i plan to wake up at a certain time in the morning, knowing that i need to or should, i pretty must always hit the snooze and make a mental excuse as to why it's not really that important that i do what i had planned on the night before. if i decide not to watch tv, log into facebook as much, or do whatever for a certain amount of time, more often than not it doesn't happen. any time i've decided to try and read through the whole bible or even spend consistent time with the Lord on a daily basis.. you guessed it, right out the window. i have just gotten into the habit of not pushing myself for some reason.. i've become satisfied with what is instead of straining for what i know is better. and because of those reasons [and so many more], i'm posting this on my blog.. and asking for accountability [and a swift kick in the pants, if needed :)] from any of you who read this and want to help me out. to start off, there is a 28 days challenge for the 5 o'clock club. so, starting tomorrow.. i'll be setting my alarm for 7 a.m.

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