27 May 2010


i've was very happy while daniel and i were dating when we realized that we both really wanted a library, or at least a lot of books on shelves, someday. we don't have the space for it now, but hopefully one day we will have rooms that look something like these.

although i'm sure this doesn't interest most of you, as you can see, there's a little change in the look of the blog as of tonight. i'm not sure i'll stick it with (i actually thought about going down to a plain jane white background for a bit, but decided to wait on that), but we'll see. not much is going on to blog about, but there will be much to say after the "ruby is one" festivities this weekend. i really can't wait to spend time with family for a few days and celebrate our sweet little surprise girl.

here's a shot of what ruby and i were looking like about one year ago. craziness. i don't think we could have imagined how much we'd love her even if we'd tried.

oh, and here's an interesting article that i came across today on another blog that i follow. the blogger is also the dad pictured in the article.. he was interviewed because the article is about the rise in the number of maternal deaths in the US, and he lost his wife the day after she gave birth by c-section to their daughter, madeline. liz, the mom, was never able to hold their daughter before she died instantly of a blood clot. the article discusses how the maternal death rate has increased in recent years in america, and how it's higher here than in 40 other industrialized countries.. that fact is so disturbing, and i would have been shocked if i hadn't recently watched the documentary, "the business of being born", that i blogged about not long ago. it's definitely a must read for anyone who plans, or knows someone who plans, to have children.

21 May 2010

two yums...

i wanted to share this glazed pecan recipe that i found the other night because they were oh so good and super easy.

i put them in a salad along with baby spinach, dried and sweetened cranberries (craisins), and feta cheese, and topped it off with a raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing. it was a big hit at dinner with the girls in my home group, and since it was so simple, i had to share.

the other "yum" i came across on a stranger's blog that i follow, and have already tried it out because i was so excited (and hungry for a snack). i'm a big fan of popcorn, but not of the greasy and overly buttery kind. i've popped my own for a long time using a pot on the stove, olive oil, and kernels... but doing it this way keeps me from having popcorn very often because of the time it takes and dishes it dirties. so, i was happy to discover the recipe.. just drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil over about two tablespoons of popcorn kernels, put them in a brown paper sack, and microwave. amazing, right? i'm sure you could put melted butter on before or after popping, so try that out if you'd like. easy, cheap, and delicious.


chick-fil-a for free? yes, please.

remember this, luke and rockie? :)

18 May 2010


ok, this is probably much too much information, but i just put my sweet, almost one year old, and now, weaned little girl to bed, and so many emotions are welling up inside of me. in some ways i feel liberated, but my heart is also so sad. it's strange, because there have been many times when nursing has been painful, inconvenient, tiring, strange, and many more things, but regardless of all that, tonight it brought me to tears knowing that it's over. i guess it's a tangible indicator of just how fast she's changing, and there's probably a deeper level at which i almost feel like she needs me less now because of this change. of course, my logical self knows that's not true.. but i'm sure you know where i'm coming from. believe people when they say they grow up in a flash.

man, i love her more than i thought possible.

08 May 2010

mi madre.

i definitely believe that ever since i've been able to recognize the kind of person my mom is i've appreciated her. but, now being a mama myself, the awe that i have for my mom has vastly grown. my mom is amazing. she is a woman of the Word, virtuous, slow to anger, and quick to love. she is prayerful, eager to listen, and quick to forgive. she is selfless, a servant, joyful, and self-sacrificing. she feels deeply and finds true excitement in simple things. she is unique. she is mine. yes, i had a surprise baby.. but my mom had two. by the time she was my age (younger actually) she had two girls who she'd give anything for, and was taking care of us on her own. she loved men who took it for granted and did nothing but hurt her, and was given a baby boy to love and care for only to see him go back to his true Father. she followed a dream and became a nurse while doing all she could to make sure my sister and i had everything we needed.. and even if there were times when we didn't, we never knew because she sacrificed so that we could thrive. it literally boggles my mind to try and think of all the times she put herself last so that vally and i could become who we are today. she cried on the phone tonight telling me how proud she is of me, but "me" is because of her.. and i don't even know how to be thankful enough for that. i love my mom.. i cherish who she is, and i'm thankful that i daily find myself becoming more like her.

happy mother's day, mama.


see how cool it is to be a parent? what what.

i've been thinking a bit recently about how surprising life can be. it's so unpredictable. i feel like the years since college have been especially so for me. it almost makes me feel like there really isn't even any point in making plans.. just let it flow. i mean, i know that's pretty much impossible because i need to be a responsible adult in some areas, but overall i feel like i'm trying harder lately to be more laid back about where we are and what's next. it's just easier that way. that's hard for me though because, although i wouldn't really call myself a "planner", i am prone to worry and it's never easy to break that in oneself. it's definitely a process.

speaking of surprises.. these two are a couple of the biggest ones for me. my love.. who regularly surprises me about who he is and also helps me realize more about who i am (which is always surprising). and the little one.. boy, did she come out of nowhere. the best surprise of my life. <3

06 May 2010

saw this on my sister's facebook wall. people are so creative.

if you don't want to see this movie, i'm convinced there's something wrong with you. oh man, this warms my heart.

03 May 2010

our friends, jacob and brittney, came for a visit tonight before their flight to port-au-prince, haiti tomorrow. i read on their latest blog entry that they both just finished reading through the Bible in 90 days. i'd never heard of anyone using that short of a schedule (just the "in a year" format) before, and i was intrigued. after talking with them tonight and hearing positive feedback from their experience, i've decided to give it a try. for those of you who read my 5 o'clock club post, you might be thinking "yea right".. i'm not necessarily the most "follow through-ish" person with big things like this, but i'm going to do my best. i think reading through the Bible as a book, a piece of literature, rather than a devotional to be read and gleaned from through sections, verses, and stories will be really interesting. it's not something i've done before. i'm hoping this is a success and that i have some things to share.

i think i can. i think i can.

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