08 May 2010

mi madre.

i definitely believe that ever since i've been able to recognize the kind of person my mom is i've appreciated her. but, now being a mama myself, the awe that i have for my mom has vastly grown. my mom is amazing. she is a woman of the Word, virtuous, slow to anger, and quick to love. she is prayerful, eager to listen, and quick to forgive. she is selfless, a servant, joyful, and self-sacrificing. she feels deeply and finds true excitement in simple things. she is unique. she is mine. yes, i had a surprise baby.. but my mom had two. by the time she was my age (younger actually) she had two girls who she'd give anything for, and was taking care of us on her own. she loved men who took it for granted and did nothing but hurt her, and was given a baby boy to love and care for only to see him go back to his true Father. she followed a dream and became a nurse while doing all she could to make sure my sister and i had everything we needed.. and even if there were times when we didn't, we never knew because she sacrificed so that we could thrive. it literally boggles my mind to try and think of all the times she put herself last so that vally and i could become who we are today. she cried on the phone tonight telling me how proud she is of me, but "me" is because of her.. and i don't even know how to be thankful enough for that. i love my mom.. i cherish who she is, and i'm thankful that i daily find myself becoming more like her.

happy mother's day, mama.

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