30 April 2010

i really enjoy this blog and her work. i envy her talent. i'm pretty sure i would trade in my singing voice for her skill at art. we always want what we don't have, huh?


this hilarious video...

reminded me of this hilarious video. anyone remember carman??

26 April 2010

what do you think about letter openers? i think they make opening mail [bills] much more enjoyable, and lately i've been thinking i'd like to have one. i might be going with my sis-in-law to cruise around the flea market this weekend, so maybe i'll find one there. here are a few i came across online that caught my eye. see what you think..

isn't the poodle one hilarious? i think i'd crack up every time i saw that sticking out of my pencil jar.

10 April 2010

another to watch..

maybe you've heard of it before, but daniel and i just came across this show called 30 days. you can watch it on hulu, so you have no excuse but to tune in. :) it's created and hosted by the guy (morgan spurlock) who made super size me (another good documentary), and every one hour episode gives you a look at someone living a life pretty much opposite their own for thirty days. in the first episode, morgan and his fiance both work and live off of only the money from minimum wage jobs.. eesh, right? so eye-opening and interesting. take a look.

08 April 2010


i just watched this documentary, and i highly suggest it. i'm pretty sure it's solidified a desire in me to use a midwife our next time around; especially being confident that i can make it through a natural birth after having ruby. even though i didn't have medication with ruby, i think it would be a completely different experience to go through labor with more freedom than you're given in the traditional "always in bed" hospital setting. i made it to eight centimeters at home with ruby, so i'd like to think that i could go all the way through delivery either at home or in a birthing center. we'll see. either way, watch the movie.. it's a good one.

06 April 2010

not naked..

a lot of people probably already know about it, but i just found this blog and i really like it.

i just read this post of his from the other day, and man, what a lot to take in and believe. give it a read.. and let's work on really trusting these things.

05 April 2010


-----Email Message-----
Dear Stranger,
You saw me crying at the bottom of the mountain, alone, on my cell phone. Thank you for the hug it made me laugh and everything didn't feel so bad.

-----Email Message-----
Thank you for seeing me crying in downtown and pulling over to make sure I was alright. I wish I knew your name because you made me feel like I mattered. It saved my life.

02 April 2010

this video.. equally hilarious and heartbreaking.

01 April 2010

no fooling...

well, i know it's april fools day, but this ain't no joke. the little girl took her first steps this morning! d had just left for work, and i thought i'd give another quick try at getting her to step towards me. i put her out standing in front of me and, low and behold, she took one little step forward! i did it again, and she took two steps! it was very fun for both of us. :) i got this little video of her third try.. it didn't work out as well as the two before since she was distracted by the phone recording her, but hey.. it's something for you to see. what a big girl.

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