17 March 2011


so, i have this friend who's used the word soulmate since i can remember, but i know for a fact that she didn't truly know what that word meant until she met matt.. and this weekend i get to be a part of the day when she commits her life to him. janelle, thank you for asking me to be one of the women who stands in support of your marriage before so many people you trust and love. i'm proud of you, and i can't wait to keep walking through life with you and to see the ways that marriage, and all that you will learn from it, shapes you into an even better version of the person i already love so much. you're a sweet friend, nay, and i am so looking forward to celebrating your and matt's love and God's goodness in bringing you to one another on your wedding day! <3

mom moment..

i was driving home tonight and passed a house on our street with one of these in the "take this if you want it" spot on their curb. even though i thought it might be a little late to knock on a random person's door to ask to have their stuff, i was too afraid to pass up the chance of someone else taking it before morning. so, i took the plunge, and it turns out they are giving it away! yippee.. total mom moment of excitement, but i was so thankful to find something i know ruby will love and that it's free. now all i have to do is convince the hubs to cart it down the road to our apartment bright and early on his day off tomorrow. and here's hoping that it makes ruby just as happy as the cheesy kids in this picture.. i might even have to put on my light khakis and mom clogs in the spirit of playtime.

05 March 2011


was very excited to see this. hope you guys are too. :)

p.s. a word to the wise.. make sure to click on it to enlarge before saving so it doesn't look all grainy on your desktop.

04 March 2011


enjoying this song very much lately.

here is the link to the official music video on the you tube. it was unembedable (you know you like that word).
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