23 January 2013

this (not so) glamorous life..

daniel left for work on a rather hectic morning a couple days ago.. ruby zooming around the house, sadie attached to my chest, me still in pajamas with sleep in my eyes, suitcases and the like strewn about the house from us just getting back in town. he gave me a kiss on his way out the door and said, "oh what a life we lead." his statement stuck with me, and i've been mulling it over ever since. you know it was a ground-breaker for me since it has me blogging for the first time since the end of august.. uh hum.

we do not live, as fergie would say, the life of the "glamorous" or the "flossy flossy" (but if you'd like a glimpse of what that supposedly looks like, here's a sneak peek).

i can't tell you much about what's current in fashion right now, how to keep yourself looking youthful and ageless, or even how to keep from getting poop on your hands less than once a day, for that matter. i'm lucky if i get to shower on the daily, and even luckier if anything other than stretchy pants graces my body. my dream car used to be a mini cooper or grand wagoneer, and now it's a honda odyssey. i  get excited over things like ruby making it into the "clean your plate club", and my favorite "perfume" is pink johnson & johnson baby lotion. i spend most days inside my house cooking and cleaning in an overlapping round, and date nights are few and far between and usually end before 8 pm. it doesn't phase me anymore to say things like "yes you have to wear pants outside" "no you can't have a waffle for lunch and dinner too" and "stop wiping your boogers everywhere". i have every cartoon channel memorized, and watching "ellen" is sometimes my only adult "interaction" during the day. 

this is not a glamorous life, but it's a glorious one.

it's a life that i know for certain many people long for, and one some will never have. i know these people... and even if i haven't met them, i know they're out there. women who would long to have a baby cry for milk only they can offer; even if it happened so many times a day that it started to get exhausting. women who hope for the day when they have a husband; even if having him included bickering now and then and cooking him dinner at 10 at night when they're dog tired. ladies who'd give anything to add "mom" to the list of things they're called.. who wish they could know for certain that that would happen for them. people who'd be over the moon to own the house that i often begrudge having to keep tidy, and who wish for the clothes i grumble about having to wash, fold, and put away. families who would enjoy every bite of the food that i tire of having to shop for, unpack, and cook day in and day out. 

this is not a glamorous life, but it's one that i'm so blessed to have. 

and, frankly, if i can't remember that often enough to be overwhelming thankful for it, then i pray that He'd do something now and then to shake me back into the reality of all i've been given. that's kind of a scary thought to have, but one that i do always hope is in me somewhere. 

this is not a glamorous life, but it's one that i don't want to take for granted.

give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus
for you.
1 thessalonians 5:18

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