24 January 2013

a big (girl) day..

just the other day this peanut surprised me by looking at the earrings i was wearing and saying, "i want to get my ears pierced like you so i can go out of the house." no sure where that thought process came from, but i told her that if she still wanted to on daddy's next day off we could go to the mall and get it done. we talked to her about how it would hurt and her only response was, "that's ok, i'm brave!" 
she was still asking about it today, and didn't even come inside after getting picked up from preschool.. she just yelled at me from the driveway, "you're coming with us to get my ears pierced, right mom?!"
we got to the mall and finally tracked down the piercing pagoda (only after asking the mall security guard who was roaming around.. i'm sure that made him feel really confident in the usefulness of his job). the clerk, kris, was helpful and encouraging of ruby's earring choice - pink hearts, as you would imagine. after she made the marks on ruby's ears and i compulsively checked them for evenness, kris made the first punch. i saw an immediate look of shock and pain on ruby's face and waited for her to cry out and stop the madness before kris could do the other side, but she only tightened her legs' grip around me and sat perfectly still until kris had finished the other ear. i asked her a few times if she was okay, and she nodded but kept quiet and looked up from my shoulder just long enough to accept her red lollipop on our way out the door. i tried to overlook her initial reaction of, "i don't want these anymore", and kept telling her how proud i was of her bravery and follow through on something she decided herself she wanted to do. within the five minute walk to the Disney store, homegirl was jabbering away about what had just happened and saying how excited she was to have earrings. we talked about it for the rest of the night, and i'm still in shock that there were more tears in my eyes than hers. 

this little girl surprises me constantly.. from her positive and fun attitude to her willingness to try new things. she's a gem and is growing and changing before my eyes. i'm trying not to blink, because i know these little years will be over before i know it.

i'm so proud of you, my brave girl. i can't wait for you to read this story when you're older so i can laugh with you and tell you again how surprising you are.

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