06 June 2013

F O U R.

i loved taking this video of ruby last year when she turned three and, amazingly enough, my mama brain remembered to do it again for four! (also, how is she four?)

throwback to THREE:


i realize on a daily basis that my girl is growing and changing, but things like this really make the strides she takes in just one short year standout like crazy. even just seeing how her answers to some of the questions were things she actually likes and not just nonsense like liking "mexican" for lunch. what a nut.

happy FOURTH, rubes. i hope you read these posts someday and see that we really did our best to cherish your little years. i'll be honest with you, some days with you are straight out of a nightmare, but then there are times when you surprise me with your sweetness. or i remember challenging things that seemed unending that you don't even struggle with anymore, and i realize that you really are growing and changing everyday. you have such a strong little spirit, and i pray very often that daddy and i would be able to steer all of that feistiness and spunk into characteristics that help you to grow into a gracious girl who is kind and strong in all the right ways. we are doing our best to tell you about the Jesus we love so much in ways that you can understand; while also allowing you to ask questions and grasp whatever you can in your tiny mind. i pray that we're doing this as genuinely and gracefully as we know how. you're a great big sister, and i think you'll have a lot to offer sadie as she grows.. let's hope that those offerings stay on the safe and loving side, for the most part.
ruby, you're a beautiful little mess, and i love figuring out life as your mama. here's to making this year even better than the last.

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