08 June 2009

sweet ruby...

since we don't have the internet at home it's a little tough for us to update as much as we'd like... luke and rockie have been so great at putting "ruby news" on their blog, so check here:

and you might just find the latest pictures or videos of her if they're not here. :)

p.s. thanks east coast mehaffie's for keeping everyone in the loop when we can't. <3

here's a little video of the girl very soon after her debut.

and here is a slew of pictures from the first few days....

a little puffy, but not too shabby after pushing a baby out of my body, if i do say so myself. :)

sweet girl in the warmer right after being born. look at that icky umbilical cord!

cute little heart-shaped thermometer.

aunt v taking it all in. what a help she was during ruby's birth!

already such a good dad... seriously.

the family!

the little peanut going for her first ride in the carseat.

just can't get enough.

going for a ride in the amazing sling mimi made.

daniel couldn't wait to try it out.

a little nervous about the no hands idea.

and lastly, a little sleep in the bassinet that's been used by every baby in my family since i was born. what a sweet girl we made. :)

well, there will be a lot more stories and pictures to come, but that's all i have the energy to put up for now. thanks to everyone who has loved and been excited about the arrival of ruby madeline. she's is already such a joy and we're more thankful than i can type for the Lord's blessing of a speedy deliver and a healthy baby girl.

06 June 2009

Our New Addition

Ruby Madeline Mehaffie finally made her first appearance into our lives on May 30th, 2009! She was born at 6:59 AM and weighed in at 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 18 inches long. She IS perfect! I'll tell the story from my perspective, as I'm sure Alinna will have her own version. In short, we both worked Friday and came home only to go out for dinner to celebrate Alinna's last day of work for a little while. After eating at Anita's (a mexican restraunt) we came home and at about 10 o'clock Alinna started having some small contractions. Me being the good husband that I was, I went to bed because I had to work the next day and wanted my beauty sleep. I also figured Vally, Alinna's sister was there to help Alinna if anything exciting were to happen. I awoke around 3 AM only to find Alinna walking off some contractions with all the lights on in our bedroom. She said something along the lines of, "I think this might be for real", and apparently I asked if she was 100% only for her to answer, "I don't know." Don't judge me, but I went back to sleep. Again, I woke up at about 5:30 and she said something along the lines of, "It's on!" I told her to make me some waffles while I put my clothes on and then once I drank my coffee we could go. Just kidding, I'm not that much of a jerk! We left and it was fun running one of the only lights on the way to the hospital, arriving at about 6. We check in and I texted my family that we were at the hospital and would keep them posted. They all were supportive and began praying for Alinna. I don't know how God works in these situations other than whatever happens is part of his plan. I say this because I remember praying for Rockie, my sister-in-law, and although they have a beautiful boy, she had a rough delivery.

Anyway, I'll leave some of the next details out due to the fact Alinna might not want me to share. Note: she is in pain. A nurse saw that Alinna was 8 cenitmeters and quickly got things moving. As we moved into the delivery room I grabbed Vally who had to wait outside until now, and we began being coached on what to do when it was "go time." One minute later, it was "go time", so a few good pushes and little Ruby was born. This is where Alinna may elaborate on the pain as I just understated the heck out of it. The next text I sent out to the family was a picture of our healthy little girl!

We are currently at home and doing well with our new addition. Thanks to everyone who prayed for Alinna and Ruby's safety. A special thanks to Alinna's sister, Vally, as she has been a huge help in every way imaginable during this whole process. Also, to my mom who flew in on the 30th and was unbelievably helpful but had to leave a few days later. Also, to Alinna's mom who flew in the day my mom left and will be here until the 21st to help and be a great support.

The moral of this story is: Don't eat mexican food around your due date. I'm convinced, besides God's plan, that is the reason she made her appearance to the world. We'll have much more to share about Ruby I'm sure. Until then, WELCOME TO THE WORLD you oh so perfect gift from God!
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