02 March 2012

thrift fix...

i feel like thrift and yard sale loving is kind of in my genes. i have distinct memories from growing up of both going to and hosting yard sales, and spending weekend nights or driving long distances for auctions was the norm when i was a kid. if it's warm enough for the sellers to be out, there's not a visit to my mom's house that doesn't include rising early for a drive around town to search for sale signs followed by a late, local breakfast. the first person i call after a really exciting thrifting find is my mama, and i'm thankful to her for helping to instill in me a love of used and lovely things.

i wanna start sharing my second-hand finds here. not only because i'm excited about them, but also to encourage others to take a chance on what they can find to love that someone else has grown tired of. for me, it's a thrill, and i want to pass that exciting challenge on to you!

if you're local, my very favorite thrift store is the second life resale shoppe in crown point. for one, they spell their name the fancy way with two p's and an e. they also have super cute display windows, everyone is really nice, it's clean, and all of the proceeds go to crown point christian school.

here are the things i came away with on my last visit:


..i truly did a bit of a happy dance and sported a big, goofy grin directly after trying on these cowboy boots and finding out how perfectly they fit. they're genuine leather, and wonderfully worn in.
..the floral serving tray is metal and pretty old, from what i can tell. there's a little sticker on the back that says "ruth w.", and i love imaging some sweet old lady loving this tray for years and setting it out to serve tea or little treats to friends she had over.
..i was excited about the painted flower basket because i've been wanting something to keep cards, pens, and stamps in to always have note writing supplies on hand. as you can see, i've already put it to use.
..the pale yellow cloth napkins are a set of seven, and will be added to the hodge podge collection that i already have. if you ever come to our house and i give you a cloth napkin, we're not fancy, i'm just too cheap to use paper.
..the hangers came in a pack of twelve. i guess there are people out there somewhere who have a hanger surplus, but i'm surely not one of them.
..the floral printed beauty that snow white is gazing at is a super cute bubble skirt that rubes picked out. she is a girl after my own heart - all about scouring the racks and then hitting up the dressing rooms. there was a slight meltdown once we got home because she realized that we didn't buy everything she tried on.. we had a little talk about how we don't get everything so we can get something next time, and after a prospect of going back, she was all smiles.
..if you know my daughter, you know that she loves snow white. and cinderella's castle, for that matter. so when i spotted this cutie patootie shirt with the tags still on, i knew it was meant to be. she was over the moon when i showed it to her.
..the pasta measurer will surely get its fair share of use in our kitchen. puh-lease tell me i'm not the only person who never knows how much to make.
..that little beaut of an owl is the beginning of a collection i'd like to start on our sliding glass door.
..and the crown jewel of the thrifting adventure, the moccasin kit. from the look of this thing, it's fairly old, and how someone had it in their house for all those years and never stitched those babies together is beyond me. but i'm also glad they didn't, because rubes is going to rock those things when she can someday where a size 11/12 shoe. :)


..this little guy got put right to work as well because the cabinet situation in our apartment leaves much to be desired. the clementines box has been working its magic as spice storage for awhile, but i was still in need of something for the bottom shelf. enter random, rectangular box that i'm pretty sure was made to hold cassette tapes. queue the "hallelujah" chorus anytime i need the onion powder.

i also purchased a $2 shirt from the gap for myself, but i was wearing it while i took these pictures so it got left out. poor shirt.

there you have it. my latest treasures. here's another post that i wrote not long ago about another super exciting find that i made at our local goodwill.. i'll never stop loving that sewing table, or being amazed that i found it.

thanks for looking, and hopefully you feel at least a teensy weensy bit inspired to go and do some digging of your own. you literally never know what you might find.

linking this one up with harper's happenings "high on thrifting thursday"!

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