16 March 2012

walk it out..

sometimes i like to let my inner gangsta take over and peruse youtube for dance videos (yes, "peruse" is used frequently by gangstas). here are a couple of funny/entertaining ones for your viewing pleasure.

i burst out laughing when mr. white shirt came on the screen. that shirt size is truly impressive.

i love all ridiculous movies like this.. i'll watch stomp the yard or save the last dance with you any day. if you know of a dance battle going on somewhere, let a sister know. fair warning though, i will most likely behave like the old lady they show in this clip, so you might want to stand on the other side of the room from me if you care about your reputation.

other than us going for a walk the other day, these videos have nothing to do with what i intended for this post to be about. but, i wrote the title, and my mind wandered from there. 
you're welcome, faithful blog readers. :)

walks with a tall daddy are fun.

they're sweet.

then a little hallway chasing ensued. it didn't last long.. we don't love torturing our neighbors.

and then ruby dressed like a p-i-m-p. maybe i passed a little of my gangster swagger on. :)

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