06 March 2012

the list revisited: two months in..

i feel like i'm already needing a refresher on my list of goals for twenty twelve, and it's only march - i'm hoping this isn't a grim foreshadowing of the rest of the year. i thought i'd take a little look back and update on where i am with each one. 

the list. twenty-twelve: revisited..

..work to improve and strengthen our marriage through more intentional conversation, servanthood, a commitment to intimacy, and seeking the Lord as the center.
i feel like we're not doing spectacularly on this one, but we're definitely making an effort and some strides. i really think that our five or so days in north carolina in january put us at a great place to keep making good progress in this area, and we've already had a date night since i've been back in town; which is awesome since we have very few babysitting prospects in our new town so far. but overall, i feel good at where we are with this one right now.

..work to be a more patient, sacrificial, and intentional parent and focus on teaching ruby more about the Lord.
man, reading back over these makes me realize what a high bar i set for myself. i was actually just thinking today about how much more patience i feel like i'm in need of, so good thing it's something on my list to work on. :) i will say that i've been more intentional lately about putting something not so important aside to give rubes my full attention when she asks for it. i hate that that can be so hard for me to do, but i'm trying hard to slow down and appreciate a time in her life that i know i'll look back on and miss.

..read at least six books.
i'm still reading radical, but i'm craaawling through it because i really want to absorb all that i can, so i've been thinking about overlapping it with an easier read (hunger games anyone?). 

..have another baby and be patient with the Lord's timing in that area.
well, i will say that we're working on this one :), but i cannot say that i'm fully being patient and not worrying about the timing. it's hard for me that every month that goes by is just that much farther apart that our next babe and ruby will be in age. the timing of our baby that we lost just felt so perfect to me, and it's still hard all the time when i think about what happened. i miss that baby, and it makes trusting the Lord with blessing us with another that much harder. i do all i can every time those thoughts and worries come into my mind to give them to him though, and i'm confident that He's pleased with that.

..find a small group through our church.
this one hasn't happened yet, but i've been in talks with some women who i've met through church about it. the main obstacle is finding a sitter or even a group that offers childcare while they meet. i'm planning on e-mailing the small group coordinator at church soon, so that should get me even more info.

..workout at least three days a week, and be up to five days by the end of the year.
i finally got my booty back to the Y earlier this week, and i'm hoping to amp up the time i spend there. i love it every time i actually go, so my next feat is making it a point to go earlier in the day so i don't run into ruby's naptime, that turns into dinnertime, that turns into it being too late for me to go.

..get better at self-evaluation and retrospection - take time to see how i'm doing before hitting bottom.
i think, as of right now, i'm at a pretty good place with this. i'm sure that blogging is a big factor in that, and also having some good talks with d here and there when i know i need to.

..set and stick to a realistic budget.
we're starting financial peace university at our church this sunday, so that should help big time with this one! i'm nervous, but also looking really forward to it.

..get better at sending birthday/anniversary/just because cards.
eh, not doing awesome at this one. one thing that's thrown me way off is that i accidentally threw away january-august of our old calender when we first moved into our new apartment. i know it sounds dumb that that matters, but i had been transferring events/birthdays/milestones from years past onto the new year's calendar for more than three years, and now it's all gone! i really don't know what i was thinking when i did that, but i'm working to recover everything i had on there as best i can. boo.

..plan our week before it starts (things to do on d's days off, who gets to sleep in and have "me" time on certain days, date nights planned in advance).
this one's going pretty well too. daniel's schedule is way more predictable than it was during the holiday season, so we know what's coming pretty far in advance. it makes me less of a crazy person, so i'm glad we're working on at least that little bit of planning

..blog at least once a week.
other than while i was in NC, i think this is one that will keep being on track. i'm enjoying it more and more, and love having this outlet and space to feel creative. i installed a new commenting format, so i'm hoping that helps with me being more interactive with anyone who has things to say about what i'm sharing here - and i think that's exciting!

..memorize at least one verse of scripture a week.
well, i've memorized one so far this year, so this one is in the pooper as of right now. i'm gonna get on it tonight actually, and i'll share the verse that i choose as soon as i know it. on the bright side, i still remember the one verse i did memorize. :)

well, that was long. thanks for hanging in there, and tell me, how are you doing with any goals you made for this new year?

true dat, c.s.

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