26 March 2012


rubygirl loves to paint, and now that it's warmer outside i'm very happy to set a little station up for her to paint outdoors and away from our carpeted apartment.

just after a nice rain, so it was much cooler (and less pollen-y) than it has been lately. she was in her own little world.

hard at work. i recommend reusing an egg carton for paints. the lid works nicely for keeping the paint brushes from rolling around, and it washes out easily for another use. we also have an unloved t-shirt that's turned into one she always wears when painting or doing other messy crafts. also, i do my best to keep a stack of old newspaper around to lay down and make clean-up as quick as possible.

she even looked up for a quick shot. she's all about the closed-mouth smile lately. it seems very grown up to me.

hip-hip-hooray for warmer weather and a little girl who likes getting her hands dirty. she gives this (sometimes) tight-laced mama a run for her money. <3

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