23 March 2012

tiny dancer..

ruby has been taking dance classes downtown for several months. there is a sweet little dance school that charges super reasonable prices for forty-five minute weekly classes. it's been really neat to see her progress since the beginning. at first, she was in total observation mode unless one of the teachers would coax her to interact. i think she was just really taken aback by all that was going on since she's never been in any kind of setting like this before. it was kind of hard for me at first because she would come home and do all of the moves and little dances they were teaching them in class, only to stand stone still whenever she was there. it was definitely a lesson in patience with her for me though, and i'm thankful that we stuck with it and gave her time. she is now totally interactive and fun during the classes, but also an extremely great listener and very obedient to the teachers. if ever they tell the girls that whoever is the quietest can go first for a certain activity, it is almost always ruby that they end up choosing. that makes me very thankful and proud of her!

here are a few little shots and videos of her from this past week's class. daniel has never gotten to go with us before, but since he was off on wednesday this week, we biked downtown and he got to see her in all of her dancing glory. it was such a treat.

needless to say, she is pretty much always the most colorful dancer there. :)

 ready to go.

hooray for dad and dance class!

starting out class with a bit of warm-up.

hiding from the "butterfly catcher". cut short at the end for a potty break. :)

and, ruby's fave, "animal action" to end class.

one of the most fun things about ruby getting older is that she can now do organized (mom free) activities.. i'm evening going in the morning to try and get her a spot in the Y preschool near us! 

it's bittersweet how quickly she grows up, but things like this are just plain sweet.

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