07 March 2012

street cred..

i love it when people throw away stuff i want. few things (especially while driving) make my face light up more than seeing some piece of rusty or dusty gold sitting on a curbside. just that thing happened, not long after we moved to the midwest, when i spotted a house near us that was having some remodeling done. i flipped a U-ey one afternoon as soon as i saw this little beauty that had been cast aside to that disgraceful roadside spot. as you can see from the cloths and q-tips below it, it was quite filthy. you should have seen me the day i picked it up, acting like a crazy person, trying to barely touch  it while putting it in the car because of all the little spider egg sacks clinging to it. eeek. but, we made it home, and it has been sitting on our front step ever since.

but low and behold, a couple eye hooks and a little wire later, here it is tonight. nothing fancy, but i love the little extra something it adds to our room. the best thing about window panes is all of the possibilities they have. i didn't want to do a ton to this one because i know we won't live in this apartment forever and i want to keep my options for it open.

also, see those little spots of color on the candle? those are color changing drip candles.. my mom gives awesome gifts. 

hooray for old things made new.

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