15 March 2012


i scored a walgreens coupon for seeds and soil a few days ago, and that launched a full blown planting party for ruby and i a couple days later. i cannot wait for the yard that is hopefully somewhere in our future, but for now it's so fun to plant what we can and watch it grow.

it was so sweet to see how meticulous rubes was about shoveling the dirt and poking little holes for the seeds. i love outdoor activities like this that allow for her to really get her hands (and everything else around us) dirty without me worrying about it. i'm so thankful for a little back balcony.

little girl with the green thumb.

look, i know i'm biased, but she is so super beautiful. and just look at that sweet little hand full of seeds. one of my favorite things about planting is seeing what different seeds look like for whatever you're growing.. it amazes me every time that those tiny things turn into such amazingness.

thanks you, pinterest, for the coffee filter idea. it kept our dirt from escaping through the drainage holes.

 she was very particular about the plant placement.. and i think that slight booty crack glimpse makes it even cuter.

proud of her handiwork.

it's fun that this is an ongoing activity since we'll water them and eventually thin them out once the pots get too crowded.

it's not done right without the concentration face.

sweet girl. and look at that - flip flops! in indiana! in march! this weather is off the charts and awesome.

we planted: cherry tomatoes, zinnias, cilantro, parsley, and re-potted the little jade plant i bought recently. they're my favorite, and i killed the most amazing one i've ever seen while we were living in our raleigh apartment. it was a sad sad day, but i'm hoping to redeem myself by giving this little guy a nice, long life.

happy (almost) spring (that already feels like summer)!

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