20 November 2014


i feel like i literally need to dust off this ole blog to put some words here again. we have done more than a lap around the sun since i last put some thoughts to cyber paper, but it's quiet in our apartment so, of course, that means my mind is loud. today was one of those days that was full of the normal highs and lows that come with homemakership (you're welcome for adding that word to your repertoire). here's a glimpse into my stream of consciousness that i offered for my instapeeps this evening.. 

"they are so sweet we're having the best night omg why won't they stop fighting I can't wait for them to go to bed aw they are doing so well playing together they're so funny what in the world are they yelling about now..."

luckily, this day actually included some of those sweeter, fonder thoughts because, honestly, many days do not. many days these girls wear me thin and raw and bring out the literal worst in their mama. i love them more than anything while simultaneously wanting to pull my hair our from frustration and sheer exhaustion. but those taxing moments turn into tender ones and by and by we always end up at bedtime and then the morning brings new mercies. when i melt into my pillow every night i never cease to feel grateful.. because even in the hard moments, i know that's all they are. moments. just like the good ones, they will pass and a new joy or hurtle will be around the corner. it's all fleeting; a truth that becomes more apparent by the second. so, in the midst of the crazy, i'm working to remind myself that the moments are all i have.. are all they have. these girls are with me for a moment, and even the hard ones are worth soaking up. 
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