24 March 2012

thrift fix [two]..

i'm uber behind on thrifting posts right now because, even though i'm a little ashamed to admit it, i've gone a ton lately. i'm feeling a little like it's becoming a bit of an addiction for me, and i'm kind of glad that we're in the process of making a budget because i think i need a cap or i could go overboard. ha "thrifters anonymous" anyone?? for realz though, i LOVE what i've been able to find lately, especially because now and then i can go with a specific thing in mind and actually find that thing. case in point, the 3T jeans for rubes pictured below. i have, ashamedly, been dressing my small child in major high waters lately. like, i'm surprised kids at the play place haven't been asking her when the flood's coming. her legs are just SO LONG, and i'm also kind of in denial that she's two months from turning three and probably definitely needs to go up a size in clothes. anywho, on this particular thrifting day, i went with the sole purpose of finding her some new jeans.. and it's made obvious by the rest of the goodies that i found a few other things on my jeans journey. :)

i have to say that i am kind of too lazy to do the "price each item" thing that i did on my last thrifting post, so i'll just tell you what we have here with a grand total of the dolla$ spent at the end of the post. 

(from L to R):
..sleeveless "merona" blouse (i feel like such an adult lady when i use the word "blouse) that i really really love and goes to show that you HAVE to try things on. when i saw it on the hanger, i wasn't so sure, but i gave it a whirl and was so glad i did. just like my mama's always told me, things always look different on. yet another thing she was right about. :)
..super sweet "nine west" three-quarter length sweater. not that it will ever be cold enough in indiana for me to wear a sweater again.
..aforementioned jeans for rubes. both from "old navy".
..brown sweatshirt hoodie for ruby. either from "target" or "old navy".. i can't remember, and i'm too lazy to go check.
..and the cherry on the clothing cake, the sweetest ever ever ever vintage baby girl "dress". i put dress in quotes because (i'm not sure if you can tell) it actually doesn't have sides but rather just straps that connect the front and back together. it's purple corduroy and those little fabric flowers actually open and it is so soft. i will have another daughter just so she can wear this sweet thing.. well, i'd love another daughter because girls are the best and because that would be a blessing and because i would love for ruby to have a sister.. but let's face it, it's now mostly about this dress. :) 

(i got fancy and made my bed for you guys before taking the picture.. oh wait)

ok, now onto the non-clothing items. all of the clothes were found at "goodwill", and everything below (except for that awesome blue stool) is from my very favorite place, the "second life resale shoppe".

here we have:
..a very neat rustic wood frame.
..a blue frame complete with field of pretty flowers.
..vintage chutes and ladders game. it only came with three of the four little people, but there are three of us, so i'm good with that.
..a twin sheet sized piece of upholstery type fabric. i'm thinking about recovering a couple of our couch pillows with it.
..old school large pyrex mixing bowl in this style. i'd actually love to re-sell this one, but i'm not totally sure about it yet. it's in great condition.
..and lastly, the cute stool. it's sturdy and steady, and ruby and i already use it a ton. i'm a shorty, and it can never hurt to have an extra stool around.

everything pictured and mentioned came in at about $25. not too shabby, if you ask me.

so, there you have the spoils. once again, i hope this encourages you to take some time to second-hand shop, and that it also goes to show that you can (even if you find a few extras along the way) actually find things you're looking for. [happy dance]

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