13 October 2011

ready, set, sew..

i know, my corniest post title yet. but seriously, i'm ready to get this sewing show on the road after this uh-mazing goodwill find yesterday. i finally have a little enough space in this apartment to have a small sewing table, but it's been hard finding one. i didn't want to just get something quick and new that was most likely going to be more expensive and less quality than i wanted, so i kept holding out. i've been scanning local craigslist and thrift stores as i've had time, but nothing's really shown up. 
but, during a few errands with rubes yesterday, something compelled me to stop into goodwill to look for some more cold weather clothes for all of us.. needless to say, i feel completely unprepared for the winter weather that's right around the corner in our new state. anyway, right before we left i thought to walk down the "furniture aisle" (that was mainly composed of a few broken/dirty chairs and a light-up snowman), and then i saw this..


a twenty dollar sewing table. for realio?! i literally couldn't believe it. a couple kind ladies stopped to give a little assistance when they saw me trying to both figure this thing out and corral rubes, and they kept going on and on about what a great find it was. it's nice wood that will someday get a good sanding and fresh coat of some cute-colored paint, but for now, it's just what i need.. small, plenty of storage, and doesn't break the bank. the top opens to form a long, flat tabletop extension, and it's made for the machine to fold down inside.. at some point i'd love to have it adjusted so mine will fit in there, but for now it'll stay on top (on the bright side, i get to use the sewing machine cover again that i made while we were in cali).

when the right side is opened, it exposes this nifty and awesome thread holder that raises and lowers out of the desk.


and the top drawer has a fun little bobbin/thread holder.


in case you can't tell, i am so so thankful for this find.. and i have the bruises on my upper arms and thighs from carrying it up two flights of stairs on my own to prove it. i know, i'm out of my mind.
now to find a sweet little chair, and we're in business.

apart from sharing the details of the desk, i do want to encourage you that it almost always pays off to hold out and do a little leg work to find something you'd really like to have, rather than taking the "easy route" and buying something new and more expensive. it's harder, because there's not that rush of instant gratification, but i'd wager that the rush of an awesome and well earned deal is a much better feeling. 

ok, thanks for listening to my ramblings. enjoy your thursday, and three cheers to buying second-hand! :)

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