12 October 2011

cover up..

i finally broke out my sewing machine from its hiding place to do a little recovering of our couch pillows. i felt like there was wayyy to much brown/tan/formal-ish-ness (can you tell i made that word up??) going on for my taste.



you can't totally tell because of the lighting, but the front pillows are a coral, slightly ribbed fabric and the back pillows are navy and a very (i just accidentally typed "vally" instead of "very" there.. sister on the brain :)) light cream. i had all of the fabric on hand, and i'm constantly amazed by how much goodness there is in my fabric stash. a lot of that is thanks to my mama, so, "thanks mama!". :)

 i like the change a lot. i think it fits our homey and eclectic style.. the floral was just not cuttin' it.


and, yes, i am aware that our couch is crazy tiny. it's very comfy and structured though (not to mention, it was an awesomely priced craigslist find!), so we're hoping that at some point, when we have a bigger place, it will act as a "love seat" of sorts and we'll have a full-sized couch. work in progress, baby!

so, there you have it. here's hoping that this crafting streak continues... i'm thinking it will since there was a fun and total blessing of an addition to our home today that should help more sewing take place. i'll share the details of that soon!


Amanda said...

very cute!! we need different pillows, too, now that our couch is brown leather. our brown pillows don't look very good.

Valentina said...

you are always on my brain too seester.

also, do you think we could do some projects while i am up there? i really want to make a duvet cover.

Bad Luck Mermaid said...

love it! and casey says, "very nice!"

maura said...

cute! i love coral and navy together!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Oooh I like the colors. :)

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