14 October 2011

this girl..

..makes me so proud and surprised every day.
..stretches and adds perspective to areas in my life that would otherwise most likely remain untouched.
..brings an ease to days that would normally seem hard, long, and lonely.
..made daniel and i parents, and teaches us more about what that means everyday.
..makes time seem to go by so fast, and so slow, simultaneously.
..helps me not to take myself so seriously
..consistently helps change for the better how i see other people, myself, my purpose, my attitude, my marriage, her daddy, my worries, my joy, and my God.
..can, somehow, make me feel every extreme emotion on a daily (and even hourly) basis.
..on a day like today, when i found myself questioning and doubting myself as a wife and stay-at-home mama, spoke truth in an honest and intentional way just by putting her little hand on my back and saying, "you're a good mommy".
..is the best surprise and biggest blessing i've ever been given.


ruby girl,
i'll love you forever
i'll like you for always
as long as i'm living
my baby you'll be.


Valentina said...

you are a good mommy. glad Ruby knows it too :)

Bad Luck Mermaid said...

this brought a tear to my eye. so wonderful! :)

matt and janelle said...

me too. me too.

Kara @ Just1Step said...

So sweet Alinna. :) I sing that song to Krew all the time...it makes me choke up sometimes. :)

Kim Smith said...

I love this. SO. Sweet. We miss you guys!

Faye said...

So sweet! love ya Alinna!

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