05 October 2011

photo challenge part two..

day two: what you wore today.


luckily this was a combo d-is-off-work and church day."real" clothes like this are not my norm, but sometimes there's nothing that lifts your spirit quite like fall colors and looking cute for your man.

day three: clouds.


it's hard to photograph clouds when there are literally none in the sky for three days straight.. and i am not complaining.

day four: something green.


one of my favorite things.. a clock from my mama.

day five: from a high angle.


a print hanging in our kitchen that rubes and i are working on memorizing during mealtime.. i can't even tell you how cute it is to hear her try and say "admirable" and "praiseworthy".

ok, still at it, as you can see. here's to the next twenty-five.
also, i just read up a little online and learned how to get bigger pictures on the blog. feel free to give feedback if you think they look a little too "comin' atcha", but until i hear otherwise, i think i like it!


Valentina said...

i love these glimpses into your life. i love that dress on you. i love that you wear the sweater i bought you as often as yo do. and i love knowing you are teaching rubes that sweet verse. you're a good mom.

maura said...

the yellow cardigan makes an appearance! love it! :)

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