08 June 2009

sweet ruby...

since we don't have the internet at home it's a little tough for us to update as much as we'd like... luke and rockie have been so great at putting "ruby news" on their blog, so check here:

and you might just find the latest pictures or videos of her if they're not here. :)

p.s. thanks east coast mehaffie's for keeping everyone in the loop when we can't. <3

here's a little video of the girl very soon after her debut.

and here is a slew of pictures from the first few days....

a little puffy, but not too shabby after pushing a baby out of my body, if i do say so myself. :)

sweet girl in the warmer right after being born. look at that icky umbilical cord!

cute little heart-shaped thermometer.

aunt v taking it all in. what a help she was during ruby's birth!

already such a good dad... seriously.

the family!

the little peanut going for her first ride in the carseat.

just can't get enough.

going for a ride in the amazing sling mimi made.

daniel couldn't wait to try it out.

a little nervous about the no hands idea.

and lastly, a little sleep in the bassinet that's been used by every baby in my family since i was born. what a sweet girl we made. :)

well, there will be a lot more stories and pictures to come, but that's all i have the energy to put up for now. thanks to everyone who has loved and been excited about the arrival of ruby madeline. she's is already such a joy and we're more thankful than i can type for the Lord's blessing of a speedy deliver and a healthy baby girl.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is adorable!!! I can't wait to meet her on wednesday!

Carrie said...

Alinna, what wonderful pictures and captions! I wish I could bring yall a meal!

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