08 May 2010

i've been thinking a bit recently about how surprising life can be. it's so unpredictable. i feel like the years since college have been especially so for me. it almost makes me feel like there really isn't even any point in making plans.. just let it flow. i mean, i know that's pretty much impossible because i need to be a responsible adult in some areas, but overall i feel like i'm trying harder lately to be more laid back about where we are and what's next. it's just easier that way. that's hard for me though because, although i wouldn't really call myself a "planner", i am prone to worry and it's never easy to break that in oneself. it's definitely a process.

speaking of surprises.. these two are a couple of the biggest ones for me. my love.. who regularly surprises me about who he is and also helps me realize more about who i am (which is always surprising). and the little one.. boy, did she come out of nowhere. the best surprise of my life. <3

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