27 May 2010

although i'm sure this doesn't interest most of you, as you can see, there's a little change in the look of the blog as of tonight. i'm not sure i'll stick it with (i actually thought about going down to a plain jane white background for a bit, but decided to wait on that), but we'll see. not much is going on to blog about, but there will be much to say after the "ruby is one" festivities this weekend. i really can't wait to spend time with family for a few days and celebrate our sweet little surprise girl.

here's a shot of what ruby and i were looking like about one year ago. craziness. i don't think we could have imagined how much we'd love her even if we'd tried.

oh, and here's an interesting article that i came across today on another blog that i follow. the blogger is also the dad pictured in the article.. he was interviewed because the article is about the rise in the number of maternal deaths in the US, and he lost his wife the day after she gave birth by c-section to their daughter, madeline. liz, the mom, was never able to hold their daughter before she died instantly of a blood clot. the article discusses how the maternal death rate has increased in recent years in america, and how it's higher here than in 40 other industrialized countries.. that fact is so disturbing, and i would have been shocked if i hadn't recently watched the documentary, "the business of being born", that i blogged about not long ago. it's definitely a must read for anyone who plans, or knows someone who plans, to have children.

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