09 June 2011


i saw this video posted by rachael, who writes one of the blogs that i told you about the other day, on facebook today and i knew i wanted to share it. i'd say that if you're married, unmarried, hopeful to be married, think that marriage is a cool institution but not for you, or in pretty much any other situation, you should see this. i think it's one of the most beautiful and touching testaments to what marriage could and should look like that i've ever heard.. humble, kind, unselfish, simple, and unwavering. just watching it challenged the heck out of me.. i want so badly to be to daniel what annie was to danny.
i want to light up his life.


Dana E. said...

I watched every single StoryCorps video on Vimeo...incredible. I about cried at every single one.

Thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing this, Alinna. Made my eyes tear up. Oh that we would be wives that light up our husband's life. Praying that for us. You are a beautiful and loving wife, Alinna :) Love you!

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