18 August 2012

a day..

disclaimer: this is in no way a typical day for us. especially when it comes to the amount of stuff done.an average day starts with ruby having a pre-breakfast snack and watching PBS after she wakes up at the butt-crack of dawn. then breakfast, maybe some time at the pool or playing while mama does some stuff around the house. it's really not a glamorous or event-filled life we lead, but this day i happened to have my camera and we happened to do quite a few things.

grams and aunt tine, shield your eyes. we started out our day with a little trim. after daniel referred to ruby's 'do as a "shaggy beatles style" the other day, i knew she needed a little snip. i went to the place where i get mine cut and they informed me that they don't do cuts for kids younger than seven. way to discriminate, ladies. they did refer me to the daughter of one of the ladies there, so we headed to the hair cuttery and she did a great job.. for only $10. i used to cut ruby's hair myself, but as the curls keep coming in i won't dare put a scissor near there. she kept giving shy smiles and listened intently to everything the girl had her do. the lady beside us was getting her hair foiled, and ruby asked if she could have her hair painted like she was. too soon, my child.

the finished product. i love it.. her curls spring up so much more after a little trim. and you're welcome for the classy shot in front of our car.

then we had a big girl lunch date at panera.. i emphasize the "big girl" part because i have to make that very clear to ensure that madness is kept to a minimum. also, a recently discovered tactic of mine is to sit at their really tall bistro tables to keep the wiggly worm from getting in and out of her seat constantly. give it a try for your little rascal.
the first face is a reaction to hearing that daddy was going to a baseball game with some of his friends that night and not taking her with him. oh the humanity. and the second is just cute because she's blowing on her food like a little lay-dee.

then we headed to the library because i've been telling her for a week that we'd go. also, i wanted to see if they had this book that i'm starting to read with my little cyber book clurb. can't wait to start that loveliness. 
this is ruby seconds before talking in an i-have-headphones-on-and-i-can't-tell-how-loud-i'm-being voice. and then i went and paid $6 in late fees.

they are building a humungo new library in our town that will open in october, but i like the one we have now a lot too. they have this super cool tree and treehouse in the middle of the kid's section that ruby always spends most of her time in. there's also a telephone in the treehouse ('cause why wouldn't there be?) that i think talks when they pick it up, but r likes to use it to pretend like she's a secret agent. there's a video at the end of this post to show you what i'm talking about.

 eyeless treehouse shot. i think she likes sadie more than me.

and because i'll never pass up an instance where she'll take a picture with me.. (she always requests a funny face).

then home for a little rest time (which i needed much more than she did) and an apple snack (i had the rest of a  bag of white powdered donuts). 
this sweet linen dress was mine and vally's when we were little. my mom cleaned it up and passed it on to my girls. i love it so much.

the little chef helped make these biscuit pizzas for dinner (yes it's another recipe from the nato's blog. we already talked about how i'm obsessed). they were delicious. and super easy. give it a try, and freeze a few for later.

her's was boring-ville sauce and cheese, but i topped mine with garlic, olive oil, spinach, feta, mushroom and mozzarella. mm. i wish i were eating one right now. 

just an attempt to make you drool a little more.

and then this happened. what other reaction would you expect from being told that you can't rip your matching game instructions in half? you know you've hit rock bottom when senseless things like, "i just want my sister sadie to be here!!" and "i don't want my feet to be on me anymore!" start a-flowin'. but then i showed her a picture of how crazy she looked and she burst out laughing. score one for team mom. 

we ended the night playing outside in the courtyard with this gaggle of childrens. our apartment is quite the melting pot ethnically, so there were a lot of languages being shouted back and forth. i'm looking forward to fall, but not so much to winter when there will be a lot less outside action happening. soaking it in while we can.

well, there's a day in the life. as much as i know i'll like going back and reading about deep thoughts and milestones on our blog someday, i think things like this will be a big part of why i'm thankful i kept this record for us. i'm motivated lately to do a good job of keeping our memories and stories written down here.. i know it will be something we'll cherish.

and here's that video. as you can tell, we're still working on the "library voice".

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