09 August 2012


an extra special part of our recent time in north carolina was being able to have two showers for equally exciting things. the first was a laid back little shindig at my favorite mexican restaurant to celebrate sweet sadie coming. janelle, mandy, and vally pulled it all together, and i was so so thankful for that time. i felt super loved, the fact that we're having another sweet girl before long started to sink in just a bit more, and i even exposed people to the laughing/weeping craziness that happens to me from time to time. sad you had to miss that part.. it made quite a few people feel uncomfortable. but hey, at least i didn't pee my pants.

riding to the festivities with my girl. she was all decked out in her "big sister" shirt, and i'm a little miffed at myself for not getting a better picture of that cuteness.

mi madre. thankful that she makes the trek to raleigh whenever i'm in town to save me from making long car rides.

rubes being sure to document her shoe choice for the evening. p.s. she has her father's feet.. do not even think that those crazy looking things got passed on from me. third toe that's longer than the second.. what the what?

getting all artsy with her foot placement.

cute tine the co-pilot.

ruby made sure to get a shot of me making my most asian looking smiling face.

move over brangelina.. there's a new power couple in town. knox and ruby being as sweet as ever.

friends whom i love. knox, have some class and put that gut away.

 my cute cousin faye was very diligent about getting some shots of me opening gifts.

blurry gift goodnes. we don't need a lot since it's another girl, but sadie is a winter baby and ruby was a summer girl, so getting some sweet little hats, long-sleeve onesies, and super warm swaddle blankets was great. we also now have an amazing stash of target gift cards; which we all know will go to diaper and wipes, and probably a snickers or two for mama.

aunt susie sent a gift with mom.. so thoughtful and loving.

see that little sister onesie? i am so in love with those things. little sister. big sister. melt my heart.

see? warms hats and baby wrappers. so good.

a crazily tiny and cute outfit from grams and tine.. most likely what sadie girl will wear home from the hospital. remind me again how it is that she's going to be so. small.

me and the two best moms i could have asked for.

the greatest journey group that ever happened. i moved away from nc almost a year ago, but i'm still claiming that title for us.. don't hate.

who even knows what's happening here? all i know for sure is that jill is checking out a booty, and janelle and i can't keep our eyes open from sheer happiness.

"better", i guess, but not nearly as much fun.

i guess i'll share about the other shower experience in a separate post because this one is already crazy long. i didn't get pictures with everyone who was there, but i hope i did a good job of getting out just how special and loved i felt that they were all present to love on me and sadie. i know it's the cynical part of myself, but it's easy to think that you'll slowly slip out of people's hearts when you make a big move and don't do day to day (or even month to month) life with them anymore. times like this are a reminder that i'm so thankful for of how much we are loved and missed.. and the feeling is uber mutual!

p.s. sadie, you are already one cherished little lady. hurry up and get here. (but seriously though, you can wait.)

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