07 August 2012


there's a huge, grassy courtyard in the center of our apartment complex that we don't take nearly enough advantage of, but rubes and i had a nice little session out there on this (dare i say) chilly august evening. for reals.. i had on a cardi. it gave me glimpses of fall weather, and i got rather excited. am i the only one looking forward to wearing boots again? i'm sure i'm going to be eating those words when i have to regularly squeeze this every-growing baby belly into jeans.

nice form.

action shot.

"mom, i'm sirsty."

 are we all aware that these are the same babies on a blanket? my mind and heart at spinning.

she requested a foot picture.

and didn't want me to feel left out.

then i was instructed to make funny faces. giving her the camera is like being a part of a photo shoot where the photographer does everything in her power to make you look ridonkulous.

sadie's turn.

at least she won't make you look silly on your own.

she's the only reason i get to end up on the other side of the camera these days.

entertaining the locals. these two sweet ladies have lived in this apartment complex for 13 and 15 years. when i joined ruby for a chat with them, the one on the right asked if we moved here about a year ago for my husband's job at hhgregg. they had talked to my mom the weekend we moved in and still remembered ruby. mom, i'm sure you recall talking with them.

and finally, a bonkers video of me trying my darndest to document one of my favorite things about ruby's speech right now.. her strict pronunciation of "th". i'm not sure where this yoda-like language has come from lately, but i'm glad we got a bit of that in there too. i've said it before and i'll say it again.. kids are weird. :)

d was home in time to join us for awhile before we had to head inside. ruby found a friend to play with for a bit, and one of those nice ladies gave the two of them a little box and net to try their hand at bug catching.

what a sweet night.

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