14 August 2012

twirl and toot..

ok, i am well aware that this will embarrass my child to the tenth degree when she is old enough to realize that i broadcast is on the world wide web. but it made me laugh so hard that i can't keep it to myself. this is why i love her.. she is full of juxtaposition. trying to be graceful one second, and letting one rip the next. completely unphased. please listen carefully at minute 1:02.

my little tooter.. i love your guts and i think you're the best little dancer i've ever seen. for real. i don't know much about ballet or what three year olds should be capable of, but i think your little toe points are the best and i love that you break into dance anytime anything remotely resembling ballet music is playing. also, there is no shame in your fashion game. you love those ballet shoes hardcore, for some reason feel the need to wear heart-y socks with them, and a leotard paired with a too-big-for-you hippie skirt that you ask me to "tie this really tight" every day when you put it on. never lose your spirit and love for the unique, little girl.

and, no, i did not pee my pants during this laugh attack.. it's been a theme lately, but i dodged a bullet this time.

and one picture lest we forget when you also threw on your christmas apron.

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