16 August 2012

k & v..

as my sister so lovingly reminded me tonight (wait, it wasn't loving. is went something like, "when are you gonna post about the rest of your time in nc? you do such a good job writing about yourself, but what about the rest of us?" ha what is sisterhood without sassy banter?) i have yet to share about the other fun shower we had while i was in north carolina like i said i would in this post.

i'm not sure that i've mentioned it yet, but my sister and her fiance are being rude and getting married when i'll be a very rotund thirty-six weeks pregnant. i mean, how dare they plan a wedding before i even got pregnant and make it so close to my future due date? psht. anywho, i love them so i'm still acting excited and rolling with the punches. seriously though, i can't wait for this day, and have made sure to remind myself of it daily by putting their sweet a invitation on my fridge.

the party was so fun and sweet. vally and kyle's friends kristen and quinten offered to host at their house, and i was in town to be able to help out with some of the details which made me really thankful. being hours away during fun seasons like this is not the funnest thing, but i'm so glad that i can be a part of days like this for them.

the soon to be b and g.. i read somewhere that you should take pictures from behind because that's where all the love is. i agree.

doing my matron of honor-y duties and writing down names at the gifts table. they picked out cute stuff, and i was covetous of those burlap "mr." and "mrs." pillows on the right.

some panorama action during gift opening.

just look at 'em. toats adorbs.

rubes got dirty and sweaty, and kept showing everyone her underwares. i loved being able to just let her run around in the backyard and enjoy all the kids at the shower. and we all know that sparklers make the world go round, and every parent's blood pressure go up, so that was fun too.

sisterly love. and sadie girl, stay in there until at least after october 13th, capeesh?

we three. it's blowing my mind that in just two short months we'll be three married old ladies. it makes me very thankful for the years that we just had each other, and even more thankful for where we've ended up.

the men folk. this is going to be a beardtastic wedding once d gets in town to round out the threesome.

uncle getting in a superb photobomb.

they're cute. kind of crazy to think that just a few hours after this a tree fell on the house.

look, i don't like to use my flash. just pretend like this is in focus. also, i can't wait for the wedding weekend so we can take pictures that include daniel. that's gonna be frame-worthy for sure.

what a fun time celebrating. two more families becoming one. God's really good, and we are all incredibly good looking.

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