03 August 2012

special visitors..

we were really excited for july to start because we were expecting fun visitors and a little time away with family. grams and grandpa came to stay with us for a few days on their trek back across country from california, and then we had a long weekend in ohio with d's extended family for a mini reunion. it's always so fun and relaxing to have mike and sharon here.. they're up for anything (or nothing at all), don't need to be entertained, get a kick out of rubes, and find as much joy in spending time with us as we get from being with them (or so they tell us :)).

ruby and i started out the mornings while g & g were here by going to vbs at our church. she went to class, and i volunteered with a group of 2nd graders. it was fun, tiring, and encouraging keeping up with their sweet selves. from what rubes said, she really loved "PBS".

the neatest part of mike and sharon's visit was being able to take them with us for our "gender reveal" ultrasound. even though sharon wasn't pregnant with her babies all that long ago, there weren't ultrasounds then. i was so thankful for how far technology has come.. not only to be able to see our own sweet sadie girl that day, but also to allow mike and sharon to share in something so incredible for the first time.

there she is.. sweet sadie ann mehaffie. coming november 2012. :)

a little DQ treat by the lake after our appointment. we also enjoyed nice weather while they were here; which was a treat since it had been about a bazillion degrees everyday the week before.

just imagining what getting a decent family photo will be like once there's another little one in the picture. :)

the other highlight of their visit was going out for a fancy adults only dinner to a restaurant we kept hearing about in the area. the staff team from mike and sharon's summer project wanted to do something special for them to thank them for a great summer, so they decided to send them out for some quality time with me and d. our sweet friend mya let ruby hang out at her house for the evening and we went for an awesome steak dinner overlooking the water. 

getting a few shots while the sun went down and before the rain came rolling in.

love this shot of these two sweeties.

lovebirds married 40 years this month. and still so sweet and sassy together. :)

very thankful for their love and hardwork through the years that brought me a sweet husband and our girls a great daddy. <3 p="p">

snuck in a shot with my mom-in-love just as the rain drops were starting to pelt us.

and a look at rubes and grandpa bubble blowing time just for good measure.

it was such a fun and refreshing time having grams and grandpa here. now i just need to have this other baby girl to convince them to visit us again. :)

a post from our time with ohio family coming soon!

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