19 June 2010

a trip..

i had this conversation with a woman at harris teeter tonight..

i was waiting in the checkout line with ruby and a 50ish year old woman was standing at the end of the lines looking at magazines.

suddenly, she strikes up a conversation.

lady- excuse me.
me- yes?
lady- do you happen to be wealthy and european?
me- no, why?
lady- well, this magazine (showing me this month's issues of vogue) is full of stories about wealthy europeans living ridiculous lifestyles in big homes and with their fancy things. is that something you'd be interested in?
me- well, no, not really.
lady- (pointing at ruby) is that a boy or a girl?
me- she's a girl.
lady- oh, why doesn't she have any hair?
me- (smiling all the while) i'm not sure.
lady- can she walk yet?
me- yea, she can walk.
lady- well, i guess she can't read yet, can she?
me- no, she can't read.
lady- i guess you're not interested in trying to teach her (again, extending the vogue magazine).
me- haha well, no, not with that at least.
lady- oh, well bye.
me- bye. :)

people are funny (and strange). i kind of wish i had interactions like this daily.

1 comment:

Becky said...

hilarious. and slightly odd. gosh ruby, grow some hair or something!

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