06 June 2010


my friend becky shared this site, 1000 awesome things, with me today, and i had to share it with you. i felt happy, convicted, and inspired all at once while reading it. pretty much all day today i've felt the opposite of awesome. i just had one of those days when i felt cooped up and kind of pathetic about life. perhaps i was throwing myself a mini pity party all day.. thinking that life just doesn't really look at all like what i thought it would looking forward a few years ago (does that make sense?).. sometimes things just seem mundane. like i live day to day doing pretty much the same thing over and over.. and that even knowing that, i don't do much to change it. don't you ever just feel tired? like on another level tired? well, i felt that way today.. and then i read thing after little thing on this blog that made me smile and think, alinna, get over yourself, so much is awesome about life. just having life is awesome. so, i have a new goal (along with reading through the bible; which i'm happy to share is still happening).. i bought a notebook at target today just because it was 50 cents, but had no plan for it (yes, i am that much of a sucker for a clearance item).. so, my goal is to write down at least five things a day that are awesome and that i'm thankful for. i like this plan.

i also have to share that i typed "life is awesome" into google images and this picture came up.. what's funny is that after clicking on it, it turns out that it's actually from the 1000 awesome things site.. awesome example of life's awesomeness. :)

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Becky said...

Yay, what a fun picture! Have I ever told you how much I enjoy swinging? It's one of my favorite past times :) It was great to see you and the Rubes tonight. Hope tomorrow is...AWESOME!! ;)

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