14 June 2010

pass it on..

i read this post today on a blog that i follow.. she relates parenthood to gardening, and since i really enjoyed what she had to say, i wanted to pass it on. obviously, child-rearing is something on my mind these days because, well, i have a child. ruby's recently come into an age where it's obvious that she is learning right from wrong, and along with that, learning how to be disobedient. i have to say that the thought of the years ahead of raising, disciplining, teaching, correcting, and guiding her are daunting to me.. i can't believe i have the future of another human being in my hands. on the other hand, it's something i'm looking forward to because i know that i will learn so much.. about myself, about her, about my husband, about others around me.. and i'm hoping that she will be patient with me, and that some day she will look back on our life together and see that we did the best we possibly could.

1 comment:

Kara @ KSS said...

That's really sweet Alinna. :) I just know you're going to be a great mom!

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