18 June 2012

sweet summer..

it's our first indiana summer, and so far, it's so good.
i'm not sure about all of the meteorological (biggest word to be used on this blog yet) reasons behind it, but there's almost always a slight breeze around these part, and that is the best.
i'm thinking one of the very upsides to this summer is going to be the pool at our apartment complex. ruby's love for that little oasis is growing with each passing day, and i'm hoping it just gets bigger. she's getting braver, but not so brave that she scares the bejeezus out of me whenever we're there. she's the socialist of social butterflies, so it's inevitable that we'll end up making a friend or two during our times there through the summer. aren't kids just so awesome at making people talk to each other?
other than pool goodness, we started the friend and family seeing train off yesterday with a little park picnic with tom and rachel. that'll be followed by more time with them, with some jack and becky loving thrown in, in a couple weekends. then grams and grandpa will be here at the start of july. we'll be in sweet sweet NC for a couple weeks after that, and then back here to get into whatever else we can.
i have to say that hand-in-hand with my little letter to rubes the other day, was a little meltdown to jesus, my hubby, and a sweet friend. it was a good kind of shaking though, and in the past few days i've been really trying to put my gaze towards having a thankful heart. it's so easy to feel yearning for the way i wish things would look in some areas.. but i do not want to wish away a time that i would rather look back on in thankfulness.
so here's to a summer full of basking in what is, and seeking Him for leading in what's to come.


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