04 September 2011

brand new..

so, obviously i'm in a super nostalgic, mushy mood tonight.. three days from the start of "roadtrip to daddy 2011". missing my hubby, knowing i'll soon be missing my family here, and being thankful for my little girl in all of her wild, stubborn, sweet glory. i came across a bunch of videos from when ruby girl came earthside, so i thought i'd share. i hope they don't make you cry as much as i just did watching them [let's face it, they won't]. 

nothing like some throwback videos to remind you of what 
a treasure you have in your baby girl, how loving and true your 
husband is, and what a sweet, supportive sister you have.



maura said...

alinna! these are so precious (i teared up a little)! thanks for sharing!

Valentina said...

i thought i remembered so much about that day until i saw these videos. what a wonderful blur it all was. thank for for letting me share something so special. i love you seester <3

Bad Luck Mermaid said...

<3 <3 <3

Carrie said...

there were totally tears when I watched it! so, so sweet!!

Becky said...

I'll admit, I teared up! So special. Praying for you as you move to Indiana. Miss you sweet friend!

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