27 September 2011

crafty minute..

i felt the crafting bug bite last night, but never got around to doing anything. so, since we didn't have anything planned this morning, i let ruby have some playtime so that i could plug into an outlet that i don't take time for often. i think it was a nice break for both of us.. we're together a lot during these busy workdays for d, so i'm sure she needs a break from me just as much as i do from her after awhile.

thankfully, she did a little of this.. 

while i did a little of this.. you know it's a good gift when you want to keep it for yourself! hoping this makes my friend's day when it shows up in her mailbox. 

 ok, break's over.. time to tackle the day with this fun girl.

p.s. pattern from here.


Whitney said...

I know..you're surprised .. because I never comment :) I felt the need to tonight though because I've been not such a good friend in the 'email back' category this week! I love your blog .. especially the picture blog posts :) I LOVE YOU..and I AM working on emailing you back..sorry I haven't!!

Bad Luck Mermaid said...

guess what? it totally DID make my day!!! :)

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