19 March 2010


here are some blooming things that i have loved seeing lately, and that help me realize that spring has finally sprung!

daffodils.. in my opinion, these are spring's mascot. once they pop from the ground, you know winter's on its way out the door.

dogwood trees.. i love these. nothing brightens up a patch of green forest like these beautiful pink and whites. it always makes me smile to see them starting to bloom.
forsythia.. this is my favorite plant. i think they are so beautiful.. and the fact that they're yellow doesn't hurt a bit.
camilla bushes.. there are a few of these in my mom and dad-in-love's backyard and i think they are one of the most beautiful plants around. they're so perfect looking they almost seem fake. i hope to have a few in the yard that i also hope to have someday. :)

1 comment:

mute said...

Aww, i love that you love spring - me too!!

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