18 March 2010


i am one. an addict that is. and my current poison is law and order: special victims unit. i think i'm realizing that i'm easily addicted to things. they can sometimes take me over.. i find a song i really like and i literally wake up multiple times a night with it playing in my head.. i start to enjoy a show and it's almost like i'm itching for the moment when i can get back to it and see what the characters are up to.. the crafting bug bites me and i want to drop life as i know it to sit at my sewing machine.. i find a book that grabs me within the first few pages and i want to read it non-stop until the end.. i guess in realizing this part of myself it's made me wonder if everyone is inclined to this kind of behavior. are we all easily hooked? if so, do certain things pull us in more quickly or easily than others? are there things we wish we would be drawn into but it never really happens? just some thoughts. i wish i would get addicted to cleaning the bathrooms in our apartment or reading the bible more often. it's a shame that the bible and bathrooms are on the same level for me right now in terms of things i put off doing.. but it's true. i guess that goes back to my post about the lack of discipline i tend to have.. i'm such a work in progress.

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