23 March 2010

ruby tuesday.

the little sweetie enjoying some swinging at grams and grandpa's house. she's closing in on being ten months old, and i'm still amazed by how time is flying. i was talking to daniel the other day about how she is now our indicator of how quickly life and time are passing. these have been the fastest ten months of our lives. every day brings new fun, but also more challenges and ways that we're seeing that parenthood is nothing if not a huge learning process. there are so many questions, what ifs, and inadequacies. i'm constantly thankful for the people around us who we can learn from and for the grace that God is giving us because, although we're her caretakers on this earth, we've ultimately put her life into His hands. i just don't know how people make it through raising a child without the Lord's help. we're so thankful for our little girl. <3

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