27 August 2009

could people be any more awesome?

i have been very addicted to reading blogs lately.. especially craft blogs. i really want to start being more crafty and attempt more often to make things that i would normally buy. anyway, i was just watching a video on this blog, and man, i was just overwhelmed with how awesome people are. i mean, in tons of ways, but especially in how we have the ability to create. in the fact that we have been given that ability. seriously. God did not have to allow this. he could have made us totally dependent on a select few or any number of constricting things, but instead he allowed us to think so deeply and wildly and to make things. i love that.. and i love that he has given me the the desire to do it.

1 comment:

Page Trimble said...

I like the idea of being more crafty. I think you could defiantly do it. You're only getting older.

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