04 August 2009

two month update...

ruby had her two month well child check-up today. it went well, other than the three shots she got in her two little legs. :( she weighs 9.13 pounds and is 22 1/2 inches long; which is on the small side of the average for kids her age, but the doctor said she's looking perfect and growing right on track.

at two months, ruby...

-smiles and is trying very hard to get a giggle out.
-loves to fall asleep lying on someone's chest, but usually wakes up right when you put her down no matter how hard it seemed like she was sleeping.
-has slept through the night on many occasions, and almost always wakes up right on the dot three hours after she last ate (it always amazes me).
-is very alert and looks like a cute little turtle when she lifts her head up and looks around while she's lying on her tummy.
-still has blue eyes.. maybe they're here for good?
-is a good eater (like her daddy) and takes a long time to wake up (like her mama).
-can still wear newborn clothes.
-has the prettiest eyelashes and sneezes a lot and always twice in a row.
-is the sweetest baby and gets so much love sometimes it overwhelms me. :)

here's to the months ahead and the excitement we feel about seeing this little girl grow up.


mama lauren said...

I loved that Owen could still wear newborn at that age. I think he finally grew out of them at right around 3 months. She is so sweet :)

Melanie said...

Hi there! Just wanted to pop by and say that Ruby is just adorable! Christine keeps me up on updates on how much fun she has playing with her. Hope to meet her one day!

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