24 February 2011

the coolest cousins..

my cousins are the sweetest. i'm so thankful to be living in the same town as them, and they crack me up regularly. alex is thirteen (i literally can't believe that), and ellie and faye are nine. here are a few e-mails that i exchanged with the two of them recently.

faye: Did Ruby get the chicken pox? aww! I am sorry! hope Ruby will feel better soon
me: Hey Faye! Ruby does have the chicken pox. She seems to be feeling ok but she has some red bumps on her body and she can give them to other people who haven't had chicken pox yet. I love you! <3>
faye: hope she feels better soon! love you!

short, sweet, and to the point. gotta love that.

ellie: (e-mail titled: RUBY HAS THE CHICKEN POCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Dear Alinna, I can't believe RUBY has the chicken pocks! I Feel so bad for her! Is she throwing-up or coughing or stuff like that?
( I found out when mom blurted out,"OH NO, RUBY HAS THE CHICKEN POCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!" and saw it on her phone).
me: Hi, Ellie! Yes, Ruby does have the chicken pox. She is not really coughing or throwing up, but she just has some red bumps on her body. Thank you for making sure that she is ok. I miss you! <3>
ellie: Dear Alinna, That is a relief! I am so glad! When she gets rid of em, mabye we can chat on gmail.

i love the enthusiasm.. and of course i love that she wants to chat on gmail. :)

and, lastly, a little update e-mail about the status of her braces sent from ellie to the whole family.

ellie: I think i might get my braces off the next time I visit at the orthodontist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) -February 23, 2011

they just melt my heart. i love how much they love ruby, and that they're at an age to be able to communicate so well (especially through technology! impressive.). oh, and did i mention that they both have a blog? i linked to them above. like i said.. the two of them and alex combined.. the coolest cousins.


Valentina said...

they are cool. and very cool to live with :)

we have a great family sees.

Faye said...

you so sweet! that picture is when we were 6 or 5! but now we are big kids!

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