25 July 2009

kids' exhange & saturday farmer's market...

rockie and i ventured out early friday morning without the baybays and braved the madness at the twice annual nc kids exchange. we got there about 15 minutes before the doors opened and the line was already wrapped halfway around the building. i have never in my life seen so much stuff in one gigantic room. i was really impressed by what there was to find for quite a steal, and rockie and i made out like bandits.

that pile of clothes looks deceivingly small in this picture, but it really is a ton. i got all of this stuff for about $62.00. all of the clothes were $1.00 each! i definitely felt like a mom walking out with $62.00 spent and all of it for the rubes, but i was so thankful for God's provision by making so much available for such a low price. it was great to spend some time bargain shopping with rockie and sifting through our purchases in line making sure that we really needed everything we picked out. great way to spend a friday morning... and i think d felt like a real dad and uncle being at home for a few hours with both kiddies. :)

to continue a great weekend, daniel and i met our friend jessica at the local farmer's market this morning. it was super hot outside and the place was packed, but it was fun being out with ruby and supporting local farmers. i racked up on tomatoes, sweet potatoes, jalapenos, watermelon, basil, sweet corn, eggplant, and squash. my favorite part was coming home to shuck my corn on the back porch right before the afternoon rain started to pour and then standing by the kitchen sink watching the rain and eating raw sweet corn. i felt like a little farm girl. :)

this is a picture of the truck bed that i bought my corn out of. it really made me feel like i was back in the south!

and the finished product.

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