02 December 2010


i am admitting to all who read in the blogosphere that never have i ever sent out a christmas card. you would think that i would have been all over it last year because it was our first year with a little bundle of ruby joy to show off for all the world to see, but i just couldn't get myself in gear. but when i saw a friend share on facebook a couple of weeks ago that shutterfly was offering 50 free christmas photo cards to bloggers who would write about them, i wanted to jump right on it! i'm really glad i found out about this because, after looking through the cards on shutterfly.com, i have gotten so excited about sending christmas cards this year. i've been selfish in years past because i've loved getting holiday cards from friends and family, but i've never returned the favor. i just love the idea of being able to send a little hello and well wishes before the end of the year to people we love, and picturing them adding it to their displayed card collection for the rest of the season. maybe i'll get really gutsy and take advantage of shutterly's holidays invitations by having a christmas get together. well, maybe i'm getting a little too ambitious.. i think i'll leave that attempt for next year and just tackle christmas cards this time around. :)

here are just a few of the shutterly christmas cards i've been loving since browsing the site:

such a sweet card.. i love the "celebrate family" message as a reminder for everyone during what can be a very busy season..
their multiple picture cards are very cute and allow for a ton of creativity..
they have a bunch of vintage-looking cards; which i'm always partial to..
i love the look of and colors in this one..

well, that's all from me for now. but make sure to take advantage of shutterfly's holiday card promotion yourself.. thanks, shutterfly!

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Becky said...

I have seen this going around but haven't quite bit the bullet to do it. Maybe I'll check it out!

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