13 September 2010


a couple of very note-worthy things have happened both in and around me since friday. firstly, i became an aunt for the second time when my sweet nephew, simon andrew mehaffie, was born at 10:48 on friday night. his miraculous entrance into the world didn't only strike me because of the shear amazing-ness that is the birthing process, but also because of the joy that surrounded his coming. i love how happy babies make people. they're so mysterious. they come when they want to, and when they do decide to make their way, man, do they shake things up. simon did that for all of us.. he teased us some by making us all think quite a few times that he was on his way only to wait a little longer. and then when he finally did make his grand entrance, he fulfilled all of his mama and daddy's hopes and came naturally and without a hitch. it was such a joyful time. none of us could wait for him to finally come, and once he did, he didn't disappoint. it was the first time (well, since having ruby :)) that i was able to be at the hospital to wait for the arrival of a baby.. i was so thankful to be able to see him, luke, and rockie so soon after his birth. what a warmth filled the room when we walked in to meet him.. l & r were spilling over with joy at the arrival of their son.. the sovereignty that the Lord showed by bringing him at just the right time and in such a perfect way was overwhelming for them. i was so thankful for their excitement over him.. but when i thought about it later, i couldn't help but feel sadness in knowing that not all children are welcomed into the world in that way. not everyone sees their offspring as "bundles of joy". what perspective came for me while lingering on that fact.. what drive it gave me to love the unloved every chance i'm given. what a daunting, but worthy task. and what a reason to be all the more thankful for people like my sweet brother and sister-in-love who fiercely love their children.

the bundle.

all four.

i also felt shaken during and after being a part of our church's involvement with WIHN sunday night. our home group made dinner for four families who will be spending this week living in our church building, and then a friend of mine and i spent the night at the building as hosts and helpers for the families for the evening. i so enjoyed observing and talking to everyone until lights out at 9:00, but i felt myself holding back tears several times. to hear a five year old boy talk about things he liked to do "before he was homeless" was undeniably saddening. just looking at his sweet face and hearing him say how hard it is to go from church to church and community center to community center because he doesn't have a home was literally heart-breaking. i laid on my cot that night, sad, confused, angry, disappointed, but also thankful.. given perspective. our apartment is small, our money is tight, our savings are little, but we have so so much.. i hate forgetting that. i hate that sometimes it takes a five year old homeless child that i weep because i cannot help to remind me of it.

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Mandy said...

awesome post Alinna! You are an amazing person. the families we met did some pretty awesome!!!!

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