23 January 2010

alinna is a...

my uncle told me about this funny thing someone told him to do where you type "your name is a" into google and see what the first ten things are that come up. so here are my results:

1. alinna is a first generation college student.
2. alinna is a romantic girl ;].
3. alinna is a chartered accountant and has a bachelor of commerce...
4. alinna is a part of the queen's ladies.
5. alinna is a member since 6/5/2007.
6. alinna is a variation of alina.
7. alinna is a fan of (0). alinna is not a fan of anyone.
8. alinna is a friend of.
9. alinna is a dream companion.
10. alinna is a big fan of a place of safety all over a constituent, then the to come treasured great quantity tops.
11. alinna is a big fan of some girl next door.
12. alinna is a big fan of the queen earlier than the vagina.

i posted all of my results since there were only twelve and because the last two are so strange. also, what the heck does number ten mean? oh the things you can find on the internet.

go google yourself!


Becky said...

Oh Alinna,
I did this, put in "becky is a" and the only response that came back was "a poo head" What that??? Hahaha. So I changed it to only "becky is" and it came back with 4 other lines. Hilarious. A poo head huh? Interesting :)

Rockie said...

funny! my favorites are "is a part of the queen's ladies" and "is not a fan of anyone." i like this. i will try this. -luke

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